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Developed for Chevron USA in 1974, cleans tube- and shell-sides of heat exchangers, furnace tubes, evaporators, condensers and reaction vessels.
Removed epoxy-bound rubber from Challenger (Utah) and Titan (California) space shuttle booster motors and removed sludge (compressive strength 15,000 psi) from Ontario Hydro's Bruce nuclear power steam generators.
Cuts and drills concrete and granite, cleans sewers, pipes, and submerged oil-well liner slots and perforations, and drills into oil- and gas-bearing rock formations to depths of 10,000 feet.
More recently has been used to greatly increase performance in abrasive cutting and drilling and for cutting natural-, synthetic-, and silicone-rubber, Vistanex, polyurethane-, polystyrene-, EPDM- (while reducing required horsepower requirement by 31%) and natural rubber-foam.
Dramatically increases cut quality of shoe soles at 50,000 psi with a 15% increase in production rate (while extending diamond nozzle lifetime by 280 to 600%). Also increases cut speed of acoustic fiberglass panels by 20-300% (while reducing intensifier operating and maintenance costs by 38%) and giving a return-on-investment of >2000 to 1.

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