SUPER-WATER® enhances abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting.


Reduced by a factor of 4
from the original photograph.


Plain Water

Figure 2.

Comparison of SUPER-WATER® and plain water jets for precision cutting: nozzle diameter = 0.010-inch.

Water jet cutting at
55,000 psi, 0.32 gpm,
0.008 - inch diamond nozzle,
1/4 - inch stand off distance.

Magnification: x4

0.3% SUPER-WATER® jet
cutting at 50,000 psi, 0.32 gpm,
0.008 - inch diamond nozzle,
1/4 - inch stand off distance.

Figure 3.

Photographs of ultra-high pressure
cuts in shoe soles: nozzle diameter = 0.010 - inch

Advantages of using SUPER-WATER® for abrasive and waterjet cutting


SUPER-WATER® improves cutting of rubber, plastics, fiberglass, foams, and stone. Here are two specific examples:

Dramatically increases cut quality of shoe soles at 50,000 psi with a 15% increase in production rate (while extending diamond nozzle lifetime by 280 to 600%); see Figure 3 above.

Also increases cut speed of acoustic fiberglass panels by 20-300% (while reducing intensifier operating and maintenance costs by 38%) and giving a return-on-investment of >2000 to 1.

Additionally in abrasivejet cutting of steel, aluminum, titanium, laminated and float glass, yellow brass, slate, marble and 2-inch thick acrylic SUPER-WATER® significantly increases performance efficiency while decreasing costs.

Materials Cut with SUPER-WATER® and Plain Water

These are materials Mr. Vincent L. Imlay, President of Waterjet, Inc. in Columbus, Indiana, cuts with a solution of SUPER-WATER®:

Materials Cut with SUPER-WATER® and Abrasives

Mr. Lombari who directs abrasivejet cutting, which is carried out on a 24-hour/ 7-day a week basis, has reported the following materials are cut with 0.2% SUPER-WATER® and Barton garnet:

These are materials Mr. Vincent L. Imlay, President of Waterjet, Inc. in Columbus, Indiana, cuts with abrasives plus SUPER-WATER®:

ABS (thermoplastic), acrylic (Plexiglas®), cast aluminum and many grades of aluminum alloys, asbestos composites, brass alloys, concrete blocks and slabs, ceramic, hardwood and marble flooring, lime stone, marble stone, polycarbonate (Lexan® and Tuffak®), polyethylene (low and high density and UHMW or ultra-high molecular weight), polystyrene (high impact and beadboard), polyvinyl chloride, steel (cold-finished carbon, hardened, hot roll, soft and hard magnetized, spring and stainless - 304, 316 & 440C), processed wood, particle board and plywood.


Isaac Tekie and Renato Lombari
Soheil Mosun Limited

SUPER-WATER® is the way to go. When you're waterjet or abrasive waterjet cutting, SUPER-WATER® gives you a better edge quality than plain water. It also increases cutting speeds, reduces abrasive feed rates, reduces operating pressure and extends the life of intensifier seals. SUPER-WATER® is an integral part of our cutting operation.

Vincent L. Imlay
Waterjet, Inc.,
Columbus, Indiana

Dear Dr. Howells:

SUPER-WATER® has changed Waterjet, Inc., because of SUPER-WATER®'s ability to provide us with higher feedrates and cut quality than any of our competition. As you know Waterjet, Inc., is a start up business and SUPER-WATER® has increased our net profit by substantially decreasing our maintenance costs. Thank you for the opportunity to use SUPER-WATER®. We are in business today because of SUPER-WATER®.

Dr. Mohamed Hashish
V.P. Advanced Applications
Flow International Corporation
South Kent, Washington

We have found that SUPER-WATER® increases the orifice coefficient of the discharge which leads to more power output to the cutting jet. This typically results in enhanced cutting speeds on a wide variety of materials such as foam, rubber, soft laminates and leather.

Also we have found SUPER-WATER® to be a superior fluid for abrasive suspension jet cutting. It not only produces stable suspensions but also enhances the flow characteristics to the nozzle.

Mr. Jim Price, Industrial Manufacturing Manager of Biltrite Corporation, writes:

Dear Dr. Howells,

We very much appreciate your assistance in resolving our problems with our water jet cutters.  Your recommendation that we use SUPER-WATER® proved to be exactly what we needed.

By using SUPER-WATER® we were able to cut two layered sheets (three in some instances) instead of only one single sheet: and without appreciable loss in cutting speed.  This had the impact of at least doubling our output per machine hour.

The quality of the cut product was also enhanced.  For certain products, water spots from the untreated* city water represented a quality problem in that it adversely affected the adhesives used in subsequent processes at the customer level.  SUPER-WATER® eliminated this problem.

 *Untreated in this context means without SUPER-WATER®.

David A. Summers
Curators' Professor of Mining Engineering
Adjunct Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center
University of Missouri-Rolla,
Rolla, MO 65409-0810


Quoting from a paper of mine such as, for example:

Summers D.A. and Mazurkiewicz M. 'Technical and Technological Consideration in the Carving of granite prisms by high pressure waterjets,' Proc 3rd U.S. Water Jet Conference, U of Pittsburgh, 1985, pp 272 - 287. 'where the jet was cutting along the grain of the rock, the slots tended to be slightly narrower and more difficult to cut. In order to gain the slightly additional cutting advantage required to maintain an acceptable cutting rate (on the order of 1.8 square meters per hour) a long chain polymeric additive (SUPER-WATER®) was used in the water. By allowing this to properly hydrate before the entry into the jet, an improved jet stream was achieved and, in consequence it was possible to maintain the rate of advance which was achievable without the additive, on more favorably oriented sides.'


Dear Dr. Howells:

Here are examples of my experience with SUPER-WATER®.

I use SUPER-WATER® for water-cutting polytetrafluoroethylene 'high precision spiral joint' (PTFE) parts, charged with graphite, thickness 2.5 - 3 mm. With SUPER-WATER® I considerably reduce the burr and the cut is much more even.

I have also noted an improvement in the cutting speed (approximately 20%) on polyurethane (vulkollan-adriprène), thickness = 8 to 25 mm.

In delicate cutting operations with abrasive on laminated glass, I also use SUPER-WATER® at around 0.15 - 0.2%

A & D Rubber Products Co., Inc.
Stockton, California.

At A & D Rubber Products Co., Inc., we have been using Dr. Glenn Howells' SUPER-WATER® product at 0.1% with abrasives on our Jet-Edge waterjet for four months. We cut a wide variety of materials including neoprene rubber, glastic, composite materials, phenolic sheet and stainless steel. We cut with and without abrasives and our standard abrasive is garnet.

The SUPER-WATER® product is reducing our operating costs in several key areas. We have reduced abrasive consumption by 15%. We are experiencing increased hours of use on our nozzles and orifices and seal life has increased two-fold. We have also been able to extend the planned maintenance intervals and seen a reduction in unscheduled downtime due to machine problems. We are in our third month of no downtime due to pump related problems.

We have experienced an increase in the feed rate on most of the materials we cut. For example, on 2" thick solid neoprene rubber, we are seeing a 30% increase. On G10 phenolic sheet, we have been able to double our cutting speed and reduce garnet usage. Additionally, the SUPER-WATER® product has reduced delamination from high-pressure pierces by 80%. This translates directly to improved productivity and profitability.

Along with the increase in feed rate, we have realized an increase in cut quality from Q2 to Q5. The improved cut quality is reducing the amount of time spent sanding and deburring parts. This improves our shop productivity and our customer satisfaction.

Overall, SUPER-WATER® has improved our operating efficiency, improved the product quality, and reduced operating costs on our Waterjet. We are very pleased with the product.

Two weeks ago, at the suggestion of Dr. Howells, we increased the SUPER-WATER® percentage to 0.2%. While we are still in the process of quantifying our results, we have been able to reduce the garnet setting by 50% and expect further reductions in operating costs and improvements in productivity.

Operating cost

SUPER-WATER® solution is used for cutting at pressures from 30,000 - 50,000+ psi after dilution of SUPER-WATER® concentrate by a factor of 333. This diluted SUPER-WATER® in the U.S.A. and Canada costs 10 cents U.S./gallon.

Thus if one were using 0.5 gpm at 0.3% it would cost: 10 cents x 0.5 x 60 = $3.00/ hour.

However only 0.2% SUPER-WATER® is required when used in conjunction with abrasive. This gives an abrasive rate reduction of 25-30%, more narrow kerf widths with either the same or better cut quality than with plain water and at the same cutting speed.

Therefore if one were using 0.5 gpm at 0.2% it would cost $2.00/hour.


Installation requires a proportional mixer that injects SUPER-WATER® concentrate into the water line between the filter and the high pressure pump. Ample mixing and hydration time is assured by lengthening the hoses or tubes between the mixer and the high pressure pump.

The DOSATRON International Inc. DI 16 non-electric proportional liquid dispenser costs $425.00 FOB, Clearwater, Florida

The TAH model 050-62 3/4-inch FNPT 14-stage static mixer from Court and Thomas Wingert Company costs $85.00 FOB Hayward, California.

With these one needs, for the hydration for 6 minutes at 70ºF, a suitable length of garden hose - as used by Dr. Mohamed Hashish at Flow International and Mr. Renato Lombari at Soheil Mosun Ltd., Toronto, Canada - or a bank of polyvinyl chloride tubing as used by Mr. Vince Imlay of Waterjet Inc., Columbus, Indiana. Installation for SUPER-WATER® mixing are typically simple and low-maintenance.


The M2003 is critically necessary for ultra-high pressure units operating at a total pump flow rate (through 1 or more nozzles) of less than 3.3 gpm (3.3 gallons/minute = 12.5 L/minute). At these flow rates the DOSATRON/TAH combination are of no use.

The M2003 provides SUPER-WATER® concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 1.0%.

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